Head Cook


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Camp Jewell YMCA
6 Prock Road
Resident Camp
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Works with the Food Service Manager, dining hall supervisor, kitchen helpers and dish washers to assure that meals are presented to the camp community in a timely, appealing, healthy and appropriate manner. . Head Cook is responsible for day to day food service operations at the main camp serving up to 600 guests per meal. They will be responsible to convey instructions and direction to K-Crew members and support staff for the proper care and execution of all Culinary Services Goals and Objectives as it relates to Food Quality, Service, and Cleanliness, (QSC) defined by the state of Connecticut.


Greets everyone by using names whenever possible; extends thanks whenever appropriate; makes relationship building the number one priority at all times. The position is responsible for ensuring that the mission, purpose, image and core values of the YMCA of Greater Hartford are conveyed



  1. Participate in the creation and implementation of healthy appealing menus that follow the guidelines put forth by the YMCA with an understanding of Healthy Eating & Physical Activity (HEPA)
  2. Operate/supervise the cooking and service of all meals to guests at the main camp  location. Includes ordering of food and supplies, receiving, inventory control, budget management and all admin functions related to meal service as directed by FSD.
  3. To ensure that all food is ready prior to meal service and in an appealing and healthy manner. (QS)
  4. To ensure that requirements for appropriate sanitation and safety levels are met. (C)
  5. Work with and direct K-Crew staff in all phases of Food production, Service and Clean up. (QSC
  6. Consistently provide friendly and courteous assistance to program participants and parents, exceeding the guest’s expectations.
  7. Recognize and respond effectively to any hazardous situation
  8. Interact with Program Staff / Leadership during meal service to ensure smooth and efficient service.
  9. Any other Culinary Services related tasks as assigned by Food Service Manager or Camp Leadership Team
  10. Recognize and respond effectively to any hazardous situation.
  11. Relate to all members and participants professionally and courteously.
  12. Flexible Schedule including ability to work weekends and/or holidays



  • Provides a quality experience for everyone, including but not limited to, members, participants, fellow staff members, vendors and others.
  • Treats everyone with courtesy, respect and consideration; displays integrity; listens actively and genuinely; communicates in a clear and pleasant manner; embraces differences among people; demonstrates an active willingness to learn and grow; accepts constructive criticism; works cooperatively as a team member.

Minimum Requirements

  • Basic Knowledge in menu planning, food preparation and production, understanding of recipe conversions
  • Must have relevant and appropriate background and training in food service setting
  • Knowledge of Health Department Regulations
  • Serve-Safe Certification / Learn2Serve Food Handlers Certificate
  • Flexible Schedule including able to work weekends and /or holidays
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)



  • Ability to stand for an extended period of time.
  • Ability to lift up to 40 lbs and transport equipment from one location to another.
  • Observe and promote safety and security procedures.
  • Physically and mentally able to respond to emergencies and administer CPR and First Aid effectively.